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What Should You Do if an Unexpected Error has Occurred?

Unexpected error quitting is a very interesting error. First, it can manifest itself when you run a variety of programs. Some people experience it after installing Windows 7. Other users have reported that they encountered a similar problem when starting Visual Basic.

Secondly, this nuisance does not always interrupt access to the program. If this is true with VB, then in the case of Windows it is often enough to simply close the error message to continue starting the system.

Causes of the error

Naturally, people have a question, what to do if an unexpected error has occurred? We decided to deal with this situation and specially prepared material on this topic.

What does this mean? The problem is that no one knows the exact cause of this error. And that’s all. No more information. Sometimes the message may contain a description of a file that is supposedly missing. But this is extremely rare.

Considering all of the above, it is really difficult sometimes to understand how to fix the crash. In fact, there is a solution. And we’ll look at it on two separate occasions:

  • For the Windows 7 operating system;
  • And when trying to start Visual Basic.

Suggesting the solutions

Let’s start with the second one. How to fix the Visual Basic startup problem? So, the background is as follows:

  • One person used Visual Basic quite extensively for his own purposes;
  • He calmly launched the program and did not encounter any failures at all;
  • And then, at one obviously not beautiful moment, when you try to enter, this very message appears on the screen, accompanied by some six-digit code.

Naturally, this user turned to others for help – on one of the specialized forums. The only thing he was advised was to perform a complete reinstallation of this product. The program has been removed and reinstalled. But when we tried to enter, the situation was completely repeated.

The man began to think about what could be the reason. And we remembered that before the first appearance of this unpleasant message on the screen. His computer began to have serious problems. We had to restore and reinstall a lot. And everything seemed to start working as before. But the solution was discovered.

Two effective options

As the collected information shows, an unexpected error has occurred as follows:

  • After a full reinstallation of the Seven from Microsoft;
  • During the immediate boot of the system;
  • You can almost always close the window with this message and continue entering the operating system.

As a response to such a request, it is sometimes advised to pay attention to some drivers that are incompatible with the system being used. But the problem is that the OS has just been reinstalled. And, if there was an installation of drivers, then only by the system itself, and not in manual mode by the user.

As a result, two effective options are offered:

  • Exclude the problematic element from the Windows startup process. If the user knows what exactly needs to be disabled to prevent an error message from occurring;
  • Use a special “healing tool” called MwFix.