Adobe Audition Review 2021

Almost every PC user can create their own musical composition with effects. To do this, you need to use special programs that provide the ability to work with virtual musical instruments and effects. In this article, we will give you the best review for Adobe Audition.

Pros and Cons of Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a great program for creating musical compositions with a large library of effects and filters. The utility has virtual instruments and a track editor. The resulting music with effects can be saved in several formats. The ability to use ready-made templates when creating music is supported. Go to the “Track” – “Add” section of the menu. Here you can add an audio track or an instrumental track.

In the main window of the program, you need to configure the settings for the musical composition – adjust the frequencies and change the volume. You can add instrumental sounds of guitar, organ, drums from the built-in library to your music. Musical instrument templates are divided by genre: rock, country, jazz, pop. To apply effects, go to the “Track” – “Effects” section, which will open a list of available effects.

The “Source” section contains functions that are used to configure the basic parameters of the device. Here you can set automatic camera selection or manually select a device. There is a tool for changing the scale of the image and the position of the picture horizontally and vertically.

The main advantages of Adobe Audition:

  • applying keystroke effects;
  • highlighting the mouse cursor;
  • setting video resolution;
  • capturing video from a webcam;
  • adjusting the volume of Windows system sounds;
  • built-in video editor;
  • microphone recording separately from video;
  • application of special effects to videos recorded from a computer.

Disadvantages of the utility:

  • there is no possibility of creating Flash video;
  • there is no recording mode for games and programs.

Special Programs that Make It Possible to Capture Sound

A program for working with music files, with which you can record a voice through a microphone, remove background noise and eliminate defects in the audio track. The utility has the ability to mix multiple music tracks and the ability to apply various effects. The program is completely free, runs on Windows (32/64 bit), and is translated into many languages. In the main window of the program, you can select a microphone for voice recording. It is also possible to select the number of recording channels: mono and stereo.

To start recording your voice, press the Record button or press the R key on your keyboard. A sound vibration line will appear in the main window. The interface also displays the level of voice recording from the microphone, where you can adjust the microphone volume.

To make an effective video presentation or training lecture, you need to record audio and video from your computer. To do this, use software that helps you record the screen of your desktop and active applications in high quality on adobe audition price. In the “Effects” section of the menu, you can activate the function of recording keyboard keystrokes and mouse clicks.

Select the capture area – the entire screen or a specific area of the desktop. Set the video resolution. The higher the resolution, the larger the source file size and the load on the system. Next, select the device from which Movavi Screen Recorder Studio will record sound (system sound or microphone). Now you can start recording video from your webcam – press the “Rec” button.