Netgear WNR2000Router setup via Smart Setup Wizard eliminates the use of cables. This smart setup wizard enables one for the Wireless Setup that is much more convenient than the wired connection. You can connect sorts of devices with your Internet as well as you can monitor the entire settings of your Router and activities of connected devices by accessing Router admin page on any wireless device. The more beneficial is, being a home network if you have fixed the WNR2000Router Smart Setup Wizard Settings, you can easily keep your parental control over your network, especially for children. So get ready for the Smart Wizard setup for your Netgear WNR2000Router.

  • To start the process, first of all, unplug the modem and all other devices if connected to the power.
  • Bring in use an Ethernet cable to connect modem and Netgear WNR2000Router (connect the cable in yellow port).
  • Press the power on switch located back of the Router as well as plug on the modem.
  • The LED on the Router indicates that router is getting on. If the light is not on, check again, the Ethernet may not be connected well.
  • Initially, the LED will look light orange and take approximately one minute for booting up.
  • When you find the LED has changed into solid green, it means router and modem have configured and you can start ahead.
  • Now bring your gadget and connect it with Netgear WNR2000LAN port (any port) using extra Ethernet cable.
  • Power on your gadget and look at its right side to find your internet connection name that must be ‘Netgear’.
  • You may get the option “Do You Want to Set up Your Network” then click on ‘Ok’ option.
  • It may ask for the 8-digit PIN for Router labels, mostly it is available on the back of your router.
  • Write the PIN code and again start with Network Connectivity which shows Netgear, click on this and you will be connected.
  • Once you are connected, open the preferable browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.).
  • Type the and press enter (you can also type the IP address:
  • It will take you to username and password, type ‘admin’ (case sensitive) for username and password.
  • If you enter the right username and password, you will appear in the basic settings.
  • Click on the Setup Wizard > Yes > Next
  • Dynamic IP (DHCP) will appear, click on ‘Next’
  • Dynamic IP address will appear, click on ‘Apply’ (These are the default settings, don’t change it)
  • Now you can update the firmware, Change Netgear Password and maintain your network.
  • To set up your network name and password, go to the ‘Wireless Settings’.
  • It will be showing NETGEAR, you can choose any other name even your own name.
  • If you want to change your password then click security options ‘WPA2-PSK (AES)’
  • It will show ‘Passphrase’ option, type any a secret password. You can save this password in your mobile, PC or booklet for future login.
  • Click on ‘Apply’
  • Now you need to connect back to the new network name that you gave recently. It will show the right side of your PC (Network Connectivity)
  • It will ask for the security key (Password) that you saved recently.

To ensure the settings are done and the network is working or not, you can again go to:

Browser > type > username and password (admin) > click on Wireless Tab (the changes you made are showing there)

To update your firmware after making these changes:

Go to ADVANCED > Administration > Firmware Update

The important thing is one must know, if your firmware is not updated the changes may not be applicable or it may show unusual errors, keep your Netgear Router Firmware Update after a certain time period