Have you forgotten the Netgear Router Login details? Are you unable to work with n600 wndr 3400 Router perfectly? Are you fed up with unknown errors? Most probably, reset the factory default settings is the foremost solution to these problems.  But How to Reset Your Netgear Router, here we discuss the solution:-

Netgear Router N600 Wndr 3400 Reset

  • Look at your n600 wndr3400 Wi-Fi Router, most probably the reset button is placed on its backside.
  • Press this button for at least 10 seconds, it may be difficult to press for long time by yourself, you can use any a sharp objects to do this.
  • Leave it for some seconds and restart your Netgear n600 wndr3400 Router to reboot the process.
  • The Netgear n600 wndr3400 Router is reset to its default settings. Now you can easily access the routerlogin page

Remember, once you have reset, you have to restart the process of Netgear n600 wndr3400 Router Setup.

How To Access Router Login Setup

  • Open web browser >  routerlogin.net

Default Username : admin (case sensitive)

Default Password : admin (case sensitive)

  • Press enter and you have successfully logged into the Netgear n600 wndr3400 Router.

Netgear n600 wndr3400 Router Change Password

 For security purpose, you can follow the instructions of Router Password change as:

  • Go to Wireless > SSID Network > Network key > Apply and save changes.

For your convenience let you know, if you don’t change the username, there will be no issue but changing your password is enough to secure your network. Make sure to remember the username and password to login in future.

Follow the abovementioned instruction for Netgear n600 wndr3400 Router to Reset to its factory default settings and again set up to use without any complications. Make sure to follow this sequence-wise.