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Here are the Essential Steps for Installation of Tp-Link Router to facilitate the Cable Modem

If you don’t know much about router & networking then don’t feel bad because we are here to guide you. There are lots of users who use internet in their daily routine, still unaware of router working. Just like you, other users also ask their family friends to help with their router & network issue. Is it Okay to ask for help every time from your family & friends? Why are you not taking initiative for learning about router & networking? If you truly looking practical information, which can correct minor issues of daily router usage then this blog is for you. In our today’s blog, we are focusing on the topic of tp link router setup. We will cover basic setup of the Tp-Link router. If you have Tp-Link router or thinking to have one, go through the info given on the blog.

Just in case, you get stuck at any point during the tp link router setup, contact us for further assistance. Our experts have arranged that you need for setting up Tp-Link router. So, take a look at the steps required for Installing Tp-Link router for Cable Modem. Remember you can ask for help directly from the experts any time you wish to. So, let’s get started now.

We providing few conditions, if you have one of them or all of them, this blog is not for you.

  •    To get internet directly from the modem, you need Dial-up on your computer.
  •    You are capable of sharing internet connection to multiple devices via your Modem.
  •    Your Internet service provider provides you static IP address. In order to access the internet, you require manual configuration of the IP address.

Pre-Requisite for Installation of Tp-Link Router

  •    Start with the switch off your Computer, modem & router.
  •    Now, take an Ethernet Cable & connect the modem to Tp-Link router WAN port. After this, connect your computer via an Ethernet cable to TP-link router LAN port.


  •    Next, switch on your Tp-Link router firstly & then your computer and modem.
  •    Before starting up the tp link router setup, ensure you are capable of accessing the internet from a direct connection. Direct connection from your key computer to the modem is essential. Contact your Internet service provider, If you are unable to access the internet directly.

Steps for Installation of Tp-Link Router to facilitate the Cable Modem

  •    Open a web browser into your browser. Enter Into address bar of the browser.
  •    When you reach into Tp-Link router Login page, provide login details which are username & password.  Use admin for both options. Both are default &if you get an issue, check if you made any changes to them earlier.

Do you face any issue applying steps? If yes, give us a call at the toll-free number. We have a team of professional, best at providing quality advice for router issues. You can contact the team for any router related issue or topic such as tp link router setup. All you need to ask the team for assistance. You can also leave query message in the comment box.

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