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How to Access Netgear Setup of AC1750 Smart Wifi Router

So, are you seeking for the Netgear Setup of you recently bought AC1750 Smart Wifi Router? It’s great to step into the digital world with new product playing a big role to improve your internet productivity. It is widely used when you want to connect a number of devices to the internet.  Let’s start the process with Router Setup to access its benefits

Netgear Setup

Netgear Setup Steps

  • First of all, unplug your modem from the power as well as if there is battery backup remove the battery so that you can’t get any problem during setup.
  • Put the battery in the modem and start to connect the devices with each other.
  • To connect the modem, use the Ethernet cable to be fixed in yellow WAN of AC1750 Router.
  • Take another Ethernet cable to connect the computer to the AC1750 Router.
  • Plug in and then power on the modem.
  • Switch on the Router by pressing it’s On/Off button.
  • Turn on your computer
  • Monitor the LED of your Router, when it changes into solid green, you will be ready to proceed.
  • Go to the browser of your PC
  • Type, you can also login with IP address
  • Enter the username and password ‘admin’ by default in lower case.
  • Click on log-in
  • The Setup Wizard will appear in front of you.

Basic Homepage Of Netgear Setup

You have accessed the Netgear Setup and now you can easily make the changes in its features:

  • Click on the Setup Wizard > Yes > Next > Apply (This setting make your router to detect the internet connection by itself)
  • To connect with Wifi device, you can press the WPS button of your Router for few seconds and when WPS LED blinks you are ready to connect.
  • To change your Wireless Password:

Click on Wireless > Wireless Settings > Change SSID Name (Username) > Change Passphrase (Password) > Apply to save the changes

  • To change the Netgear Router Password

Go to the Maintenance > Set Password > Type Old Password > Type New Password > again Type New Password > click on the Checkbox to Enable Password Recovery > Apply to save the changes.

  • To update your Firmware:

Go under the Maintenance > click on Firmware Update > Check > Next > Save the settings.

These are the main setting, however, Netgear Setup page allows you to make all kind of changes for the proper maintenance of your Router.  You must remember save the settings to make the change applicable. To make your AC1750 router work well you need to become habitual to update the new version of Firmware which not only provides new features but also remove the errors.

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